Rainey Protective Gear

Fluid Resistant- Safeguard from Virus, Bacteria and Air Pollutants

Protect against Covid 19 Virus

respiratory droplets from coughing and sneezing


Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 

down to 3.0 micron

Latex Free

Both our Mask and Ear Loops 

are Latex Free

Fluid Resistant

against droplets and other

airborne contaminants 

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General Medical Wear - Pleated Seamless Design
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Rainey Medical Grade Face Masks 

2 Styles designed to meet your needs

Features and Benefits

  • Fluid Resistant against Respiratory Droplets
  • 98.6 % Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ( BFE)
  • 3.0 micrometers Particle Size Filtration ( PSF) protection against Corona Virus Respiratory Droplets
  • Comfortable snug fit, stays in place
  • Latex free elastic band-durable and comfortable-can wear all day
  • High breathability, light weight and speak with ease   
  • 5 layer medical grade polypropylene fabric  
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Everyday Wear -Front Seam Design

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